Alpha Kongs Club NFT is a collection of 8,888 NFTs, on the Ethereum chain. Packed with star power from within, the Project is self-classified as a banger. The makers of themes and designs of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Pokemon, bring you the most exclusive party, community, and project ever. The Alpha Kong NFTs come with their own storyline etched into the relics of the Metaverse. These ultra HD Alpha Kong NFTs strive to dethrone some of the peak Kong/ape-based NFT projects.

As the name of the Alpha Kongs Club NFTs suggests, their goal is to become the Alpha and create a magnanimous community of world-class crypto enthusiasts and investors. This article covers everything from their roadmap to their sales, and their very grand launch. Read along to grasp intricate insight.

A Brief Overview Of The Alpha Kongs Club NFT

Alpha Kongs Club NFT items 8,900
Owners 5,800
Alpha Kongs Club NFT Floor price 0.365 ETH
Volume Traded 3,000 ETH

(The above details stand valid as of 9th February 2022)

The Purpose Of The Alpha Kong NFT: King Kong In The Metaverse:

How To Buy Alpha Kongs Club NFT

The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Pokémon, Marvel’s Eternals, are just some projects that the makers of the Alpha Kongs Club NFT have worked upon. Their 8,888 Alpha Kong NFTs are happy gorillas with intense attention to detail. Here are the following things that add to the purpose of these NFTs:

  • They eventually embody 3D living animals in the Metaverse.
  • Their storyline says that they’re 200 years ahead of humans and are not hostile. They have selected 8888 for a reason.
  • They have coalesced their goals with a social cause, to save the real kongs on our planet.
  • Plenty of celebrities and A-listers are attached to it.

More of their ideologies are explored in the Roadmap section.

Alpha Kongs Club Public Sale Date/ Launch Date: 

The official date for the Club to kickstart was on 31st January 2022, and their website showcased a raffle with the lucky minters. And 1st February is when the Public sale went live, on the Alpha Kongs Club NFT OpenSea page.

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Journey Into Alpha Kong: Skull Island. The Alpha Kong NFTs Roadmap Explained. 

With one of the best expressions of documenting a roadmap on their website, the Alpha Kongs Club NFT comes with a lot of surprises planned for its holders.

Purpose Of The Alpha Kong NFT

Enlisted are the best of the best plans they have for the future, and eventually the Metaverse:

  • Their primary step in the plan for them is to give back to society by partnering with the Kiesza and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Ode to the fact that Mountain Gorillas are 98% human DNA, thus the Alpha Kongs Club NFT considers them family. And thus quite a few proceeds get donated to this fund.
  • Legendary Alpha Kongs are to be revealed to the public within this year, and their goal with these legendary NFTs are to attract investors, and long-time NFT collectors, that can help bolster the value of the community. An item in their wish list is to go viral with these Legendary pieces of awe-inspiring art, as they call it. And the ability to avail these rare NFTs is completely open and is luck-dependant
  • Most of their roadmap strives to deliver the best of the experiences to their community, the Alpha Kongs Club NFT ecosystem, with major events, parties, online games, and eventually the Metaversal access being exclusively given to them. This ecosystem, as wished by them, shall thrive in the long run in the NFT space.
  • Their vision is to bring together people that share ideologies and create a space capable of friendly exchange. To make friends, build relationships and thus change the real(physical) world in a benevolent way. Also to grasp is a hold of exclusive, NFT-enthusiasts and investors that boost the overall value of this club.
  • The holders that keep the NFT for more than 2 months get rewarded with the Blue serum that shall make the original Alpha Kongs into the Omega Kong.
  • And last but not the least, the most striking thing about the project is the first-ever NFT festival. This shall have famous DJs, Kongs Games and many more!

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Know About The Alpha Kongs NFT Sales, To Statistics & Price Predictions. 

The Current Price vs Mint Price

As of February 3rd, 2022, the Alpha Kongs Club NFT floor price is 0.414 ETH. And as given on their official website, the Alpha Kongs Club NFT Mint Price was announced on their exclusive Discord.

The total traded volume for the Alpha Kongs Club NFTs: 

As of 3rd Feb, the total traded volume of the Alpha Kong NFTs stands at 2,200 ETH. And in the 3 days of its release, the average number of sales is 600.

The Price Prediction for the Alpha Kongs Club Kongs

The Alpha Kongs Club NFT Price Prediction states that it is to go up. Since a percentage of the funds raised are to be donated to a social fund, the love received by the Project shall go up. According to the Alpha Kongs Club discord server, the Alpha Kongs Club NFT is a club never seen before and shall embark on the journey to produce the first-ever NFT festival in history.

How To Buy Alpha Kongs Club NFT?

The raffle winners were chosen from the Alpha Kongs Club discord and announced on their official website. Post that and the public sale, the NFTs are listed on the OpenSea Marketplace. They are being sold there via the means of an auction. You can make your bid, and cop your Kong.

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In conclusion…

The Project encodes a lot of value. A splendid spot on the surface of the Ape-related NFT projects. With so much talent right within the team, and the social cause attached to it, people are bound to invest, and so can you!