Revolutionizing AI Robots Tokens filled 67% of the $315k Presale Hardcap. 210,000 USD have been invested in the first 10 days and the hype doesn’t stop – Boston Dynamics Inu is growing super fast.

Crypto-AI-Robotics Fan and Rewards Token Boston Dynamics Inu continue to make waves after announcing that it will soon end its presale due to unprecedented investor demand.

With over $200,000 in funding raised since the presale announced 10 days ago, Boston Dynamics Inu’s team has opted to bring forward to the community a DAO project, dedicated to artificial intelligence and robotics.

Most (if not all) crypto investors are aware of the ongoing trend in AI, web3, and robotics. Boston Dynamics Inu developed already two working bots integrated into users’ Telegram accounts based on the famous ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion algorithms.

Due to the high demand, the hardcap of the $BDINU token presale which is limited to $315,000 is already filled by 67% as this article is written. This means that the presale, which was initially planned until the 28th of February will end earlier because the hardcap will be reached soon with the current growth.

Boston Dynamics Inu

At the time of writing, Boston Dynamic Inu’s presale is open, meaning early investors can buy BDNU tokens for just $0.21. However, once the presale is over and is listed on exchanges BDINU’s price will increase to $0.53. Ultimately, this means that purchasing BDINU now will enable investors to get in at the lowest price point possible.

Early buyers enjoyed the passive income due to automatically distributed rewards already during the presale which created loyal fans of the BDINU token.

Boston Dynamics Inu’s contract code is being fully audited and passed by SOLIDPROOF. The team is KYC’ed, making it a 100% safe-to-invest project. Boston Dynamics Inu is all about the happiness and satisfaction of investors. There are many things going on in $BDINU community right now, like competitions, marketing campaigns, giveaways, etc. The project will also introduce a Staking pool by which holders can get up to 900% APY staking rewards.

Boston Dynamics Inu is a community-driven DAO, that will be responsible for purchasing and managing a fleet of robots. $BDINU holder will have a say in the deployment and monetization of these robots, making it a true-community-driven project.

William, the CEO said in an interview recently “We are here at the right place at the right time to take full advantage of the AI revolution in web3. We strongly believe that the community is the only people who can make this idea and project huge. In return, we are here to provide whatever makes our community happy.”

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