The World’s Best Community Centered Crypto

Community Yield Farming (CYF) started as an experimental project by African co-founders Bright and Kalvin, with a mission to present a fully transparent digital currency to the world and the next primary currency of Africa.

With Blockchain technology, the two creators managed to secure a token backed by an algorithm that nobody could access or interfere with, not even the developers. Though the open-source smart contract code is visible to anyone, anytime, for all transaction history, the CYF token cannot be altered, making it ideal for anyone seeking a high-performing decentralized currency.

This protocol ensures fair accountability and transparency, a challenge that still plagues the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, especially in Africa. By addressing these two major factors, the two entrepreneurs are set to be the catalyst of an economic paradigm shift in Africa, with a revolutionary digital currency that is now quickly adopted across borders, and soon to be the official, universally recognized digital currency of the African continent.

Major global investors took notice of the early beta version of the CYF token and invested immediately. CYF has erupted and generated upwards of three million dollars in three months. Bright and Kalvin, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of CYF are set to announce the official public launch of their community-centered token before the end of 2022. After their massively successful appearance at Crypto Expo Dubai – the largest crypto event in Dubai, crypto enthusiasts from around the world who flew into Dubai to access the global market-leading digital currency fair seized the opportunity to pre-order CYF. The rapid global adoption of CYF is a trend that continues to rise, pointing to the token’s projected growth of one hundred million dollars within the next six months.

Early adopters of this massive opportunity will most likely enjoy the same results as initial stakeholders of the top major crypto coins of the world. CYF is designed for the community and powered by the community to ensure a long-lasting decentralized financial system, making its token one of a kind. Backed by a record-growing community, CYF rewards its members through a unique smart-minting protocol that redistributes up to 35% of token sales to its community. Though new, the CYF token is fully secure and trusted on the market because of its transparency, and because the CYF smart-mint contract was fully audited by two reliable third-party auditing firms, Dessert Finance, and Solid Proof. To date, CYF is the world’s first platform to reward holders directly from initial coin offerings while sustaining its liquidity at the same time, preventing any possible rug-pull. Industry on-lookers are very interested in the CYF token and anticipate the quick rise and adoption of this African digital currency will create a banking system and economic wave in Africa and around the world.

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