Every 10th person reading this might as well still get fascinated and playful when it comes to the Pokemon Cards. Isn’t it? Azuki NFT will take you through a different experience, for their project base is built upon the thought of capturing the emotions we had with those Pokemon Cards. It is truly nostalgic, and what if you get to relive those fun moments, just with a twist and turn?

Let us visit the Azuki NFTs Metaverse together whilst also getting insights about the project, the garden, its minting process, mindmap, and their statistics.

Azuki NFT Overview: Putting Numbers Into The Picture

Total Items  10 K
Owners  4.7 K
Azuki NFT Floor Price 2.49 ETH
Volume Traded  12.6 K

(The above statistical information stands correct as of  March 18 2022)

A Decentralized Brand, Azuki NFT

Azuki NFT, a brand that is being built together by the community, is a brand for the Metaverse. The team aims at making Azuki the largest decentralized brand in the Metaverse, enabling greater participation in the ecosystem. With a collection of 10000 avatars, you will get membership access to The Garden, where builders, artists and web3 wizards connect.

As an Azuki NFT member of their global community, you will also explore a new genre of media. Be a part of this authentic and artistic NFT project and get exclusive access to their drops, experiences and much more. Build your identity in the metaverse.

Their most recent build-up is an improvised version of ERC721-ERC721A. The same was updated on their website as it went public, and also Azuki NFT Twitter.

Azuki NFT Sale Mechanics Explained

Azuki NFT Price
Source: azuki.com

Azuki NFT is an all in one, when it comes to its Sale Mechanics, using a hybrid method. From Dutch Auction to Mintlist to Public sale, they have used all of it to gain as much public interaction as possible.

How to Buy Azuki NFT? Mint Price? 

  1. Go to the Azuki NFT website (azuki.com) and click on the top right option “Shop”.
  2. As and when the minting will start, the option will be available for you to click on it.
  3. You will be able to mint up to 5 Azuki’s.
  4. The first phase has already been launched, in the form of Dutch Auctions on January 12, 2022. The starting price was 1ETH and dropped by 0.05 ETH after every 20 minutes. This happened till the price reached 0.15 ETH.
  5. The second phase (Mintlist Phase) started on January 13, 2022. You will have 48 hours to mint one Azuki, and the Azuki NFT mint price will be equal to half the price that the last Azuki was sold for during the Dutch Auctions.
  6. Finally, the last phase is a public sale. All those avatars that weren’t sold during the mintlist will be sold during this phase. This will start on January 15, 2022, and the price will be equal to the price that the last Azuki was sold for during the Dutch Auctions.
  7. You can further trade your NFTs collection on the Azuki NFT OpenSea page.

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Azuki NFT Roadmap…Mindmap?

Their mind flows through 7 phases, making it a visionary mind map.

It all starts with their vision and values. From emphasizing on creating the largest decentralized brand for the metaverse, to creating a community first value, Azuki NFT is set to pave its own path with being original. The decentralized process will take time and cannot be expected overnight, till then let’s wait for their future treasures.

As physical and digital worlds begin to blend, they are willing to strengthen the Azuki NFT community that can push their boundaries. Empowering creatives, educating about web3 and open internet, and mobilizing the community are a few of the steps that will be taken.

Azuki NFT’s Growth
Source: azuki.com

Thirdly, they wish to broaden their Metaverse exploration via Lookbook, Azuki 3D, Games, and Digital Drip. Fourth, there is a physical dimension too with Streetwear, IRL events, Collectibles and Record Label.

Moving ahead to the fifth phase is bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world via a new type of media. There will be meta-games, experiences and ways to grow an IP.

From seed to seedlings, there will be partnerships, $BEAN (currency that will be used in the Azuki-verse) and DAO.

And finally, the part where they connect to us the most. In case you have any idea, you can write it down and share it with them on their official website under the “Mindmap” Section. After all, they believe that all of us are in this together as a global community.

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Azuki NFT’s Price And Price Prediction 

As of March 13 2022, Azuki NFT’s all-time average price is 1.9789. Since its launch, the sales have only been moving towards an upward direction. Considering that the NFT is at its early stage and has created a buzz amongst the community, the price is going to rise. Azuki NFT price prediction can also be made depending upon the mere fact that it is still in its sale process.


Feel the magic of the Azuki NFT garden by taking the red bean.

Are you ready to rise, build and grow together? They ask “Ready to take the red bean?” Well, I say “Yes”. Well, jump into the rabbit hole, join the Azuki NFTs world that is owned by all.