Moving house upon retirement, I stumbled upon hundreds of my drawings and personal photographs from up to 50 years ago: having time, I converted and edited a selection of these into digital format to be listed as NFT art at OpenSea as in this link.

These items are grouped into 3 collections, namely (A) Atman Medicus (B) KungFu Fun (C) Mnemo Art. More items will be added gradually over the next few months.


Atman Medicus Collection

Atman is Sanskrit for soul/spirit and medicus is Latin for physician/medical man …hence artwork that expresses my journey in the search for the human spirit through the mystical arts and medical science.

The original drawings are of the abstract and portrait genre and perhaps better described as surreal-abstract and expressionistic in style.

Originating from a hill village in Borneo of headhunting infamy, my art is inspired by a lifelong search for the everlasting universal spirit/soul that sustains the physical body of a mortal man. Later, whilst studying to become a medical doctor in Europe, I also used art as a mnemonic tool to make learning fun and convenient.

Retired and having had some glimpses at the soul of man, I now find time to share some artwork through the Internet of Things in the wish that you too will find joy in learning and be inspired to experience the transcendent energy that makes our body alive!

Mnemonic Art

Mnemo Art

Drawings from medical school to postgraduate radiology days: some were expressions of mystical soul-searching, others for fun, but mostly as study aids to memorize medical stuff. I call the latter, “mnemonic art” or Mnemo Art. These are line drawings, sometimes with gray shades and color hues…a combo of surrealist-abstract portraiture, pictogram/ideogram, glyph, and diagram.

Each artwork depicts a secret hidden in the open, essentially displaying a medical condition or radiology imaging finding with its corresponding imaging features or list of possible medical causes, respectively. A picture, moreso a video, paints a thousand words! Procurement of an artwork entitles the buyer to a key to decipher the secret hidden inside each unique NFT art!

Kung Fu Fun

Kung Fu Fun

Kung Fu Fun is a collection of digital variants of original photographs taken by my wife, me, or by my family members using a variety of cameras (pre-WW2, digital camera, or smartphone) spanning a period from 1938 to 2023. The photography genre ranges from portrait to documentary and landscape.

Kungfu, in the Cantonese ( of my maternal ancestors) dialect of the Chinese language, means martial art, though in a wider sense, may also mean any art in the context of acquired skills ( eg hunting, healing, etc). My wife and I, my siblings, and our extended families are all practitioners of some aspects of The Shaolin Arts ( ie Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Zen) and various other Arts (paternal grandma was a Bobolian or Borneon Kadazan shamanic priestess).

So this collection is an attempt to display some aspects, albeit in a fun digital art way, of the martial art and other Arts practiced by us over 5 generations (spanning grandparents to our kids).