• Play to Earn NFT Collection
  • Gained Popularity Among Celebrities in the city

Media OutReach – 21 March 2022 –
PONY CLUB is the first exclusive NFT project created for Game-Fi in Hong Kong, which is a business simulation game in horse-racing. All collectors have to do is to collect pony NFT to participate in the 3D PONY CLUB game, where you can breed and train your own pony NFT to race on more than 30 themed racecourses, as well as running a private farm to experience being a owner, trainer and jockey of the pony. Another major selling point of PONY CLUB is the added crypto element to the game that allows collectors to make profits by participating in horse racing games and bidding, realizing Play to Earn(P2E) !

First phase of PONY CLUB NFT has a collection of pony with over 200 traits, inspired by multiple elements like superheroes, Japanese Manga, and traditional culture.
First phase of PONY CLUB NFT has a collection of pony with over 200 traits, inspired by multiple elements like superheroes, Japanese Manga, and traditional culture.

PONY CLUB will officially launch the initial phase of the pony NFT on March 24, with a total of 8,888 unique pony NFT avatars. Collectors can mint PONY CLUB NFTs on PONY CLUB official website of PONY CLUB on the Solana (SOL) platform on that day at a minting price of 1.88 SOL (approximately HK$1,260) and a whitelist minting price of 1.38 SOL (approximately HK$924), of which HK$100 will be used for charity. The trend of PONY CLUB has swept through the show business and influencers. Many celebrities join as PONY CLUB NFT collectors, including stars like Bernice Jan Liu, Hailey Chan Yu-hei, Sharon Chan Man-chi, Bob Lam Shing-bun, Renee Li Man-ying, Joel Chan Shan-chung, Benjamin Yuen Wai-ho, Bowie Cheung Po-yee; Hong Kong local athletes Grace Lau Mo-sheung, Lau Chi Ming; singers JB, James Ng Yip-kwan, Siufay, Maggie Fu Pui-ga, music band Zpecial; famous YouTubers Manner, GingerLemonCola

;KOLs @westtung, @jimliao1121, @chungchung030 etc. They all put on their NFT avatar of PONY CLUB to the social media, and even filmed a promotional video (
video link) to celebrate the public launch of PONY CLUB, which was broadcast on the large LED television screen in Causeway Bay for seven consecutive days, bringing up a city-wide PONY CLUB collection trend!

NFT owners will receive a mutated Gen 2 Pony, realizing “play-to-earn”

PONY CLUB will launch the next gen of PONY NFT collection to reward the NFT owners. Collectors who hold 3 Gen 1 Pony NFT can mutate 1 of their 3 ponies. The Gen 1 Pony NFT will not be burnt. In other words, PONY CLUB NFT holders can get an extra NFT for free without additional costs.

For the PONY CLUB NFT owners to “Play to Earn” the greatest possible profit, PONY CLUB has launched a series of exclusive benefits for the NFT owners. PONY CLUB expressed their plan to take 50% of the profit to reward the NFT owners in the future. They would arrange a weekly lucky draw to give away great prizes and exclusive goods to NFT owners for free, including limited edition crossover outfits between PONY CLUB and other Hong Kong local fashion brands. PONY CLUB highly values the relationship with the NFT owners. All the NFT owners are qualified to be their official members and can join the Discord community of PONY CLUB, where collectors can exchange their ideas and information about the collection and the game. All NFT owners will as well be invited to the physical party arranged by PONY CLUB to celebrate their successful launch with the celebrities and KOLs, so that they can get connected with each other in the real world.

PONY CLUB Official Website