Non-fungible token (NFT) collective Proof is launching a new, 10,000-piece digital art collection with a roster of 22 artists including Beeple, Summer Wagner and Terrell Jones.

Titled “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition,” the collection is available exclusively to Moonbirds holders that reached “Diamond Nest” status by staking their NFTs. The collection is slated to be released on April 27 and will also coincide with two live events, including Beeple’s LIVE Everyday party at NFT NYC this week along with a physical gallery showing of the collection’s artwork later this month.

In January, Proof signed with United Talent Agency to continue to grow its brand beyond its Web3-native community. Later that month, the brand released its Grails III collection featuring artwork from notable digital creators, including generative artist Matt Kane; All Seeing Seneca, the digital artist who helped create art for NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club; and founder of NFT collection Cyber Brokers Josie Bellini.

Still, Proof has not been immune to the wider effects of the crypto bear market. In February, it announced the cancellation of its annual Proof of Conference event, citing issues with sales data, sponsors and community feedback.

The company also became entangled in the collapse of crypto-friendly Silicon Valley Bank last month, sharing that it has some funds invested in the bank, though it assured holders that it would be “financially and operationally” OK.