Our primary goal is to protect and preserve the amazing animals of the world and their habitats! We’re building a platform to accomplish this and so much more!

wildlife wonders nft collection
Wildlife Wonders are not just collectibles, they grant access to exclusive benefits and perks like voting, white lists, discounts, limited edition merchandise, and more! You are helping protect each Wonder through the seemingly small, but powerful action of minting each NFT as 15% of the entire sale is being donated to Wildlife Conservation!

wildlfe wonders membership perks
This is your opportunity to make a difference! You’ll earn valuable rewards and build a collection of adorable baby animal NFTs that represent your commitment to preserving the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Come join the Wildlife Wonders community today and become a champion of wildlife conservation!

wildlfe wonders elite membership perks

Minting a Wildlife Wonders NFT is taking a stand for global wildlife preservation. Your NFT is your ticket into our exclusive Wildlife Wonder Community where you will have an active role in voting on upcoming projects & charities and gain access to massive perks & discounts you can read about below! You will decide where and how our community makes a positive impact on the world.

Your NFT actively helps with wildlife preservation and establishes a foundation to perpetually maintain sustainable positive change worldwide.

› 15% of the entire sale of the NFT collection will be donated to a wildlife preservation charity.
› 15% of the entire merchandise sales will also be donated to a wildlife preservation charity.

Official Website: https://www.wildlifewonders.xyz/

Mint: https://www.wildlifewonders.xyz/mint

Join Discord Community: https://discord.gg/vNrs3EXrA6