Cyber Cosmos World NFT drop is a collection of 10k digital characters of women representing themselves as cyber warriors of information technology, virtual reality, and computer culture. The main aim of this project is to bring creative, unique, and new ideas to the table by building a strong community of women across the globe to add value, growth, and development in different businesses, projects, or job roles related to cyberspace. Cyber Cosmos World NFT project firmly believes in the idea of equal opportunities and diverse work culture in the cyber domain, which is already dominated by their male counterparts.

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Keep reading further to get information regarding recent advancements in the Cyber Cosmos World project, roadmap, Launch dates of pre and public sale, mint price, floor price, and the price prediction

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Mint Price, Floor Price, Items, And Volume Traded.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Launch Dates

Vip Sale launch date 28/03/2022, 1:00 AM IST
Pre Sale launch date 29/03/2022, 1:00 AM IST
Public Sale /Mint/ Drop Date 31/03/2022, 1:00 AM IST

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Mint Price

Vip Sale mint price 0.02ETH + Gas Fee
Pre Sale Sale mint price 0.08ETH + Gas Fee
Public Sale mint price 0.08ETH + Gas Fee

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Roadmap

The first phase of Cyber Cosmos World NFT starts with launching social media filters. VIP pre-launch with only 100 spots will take place. Members who are actively and selflessly contributing to the community will be eligible to participate.

After successful campaigning, Pre Launch will be scheduled to re-open with the availability of just 200 spots. It is a golden opportunity for investors who are interested to secure a spot in pre-launch and mint Cyber Cosmos World NFT at a much cheaper price. Furthermore, Two giveaways will be airdropped in the wallets of the randomly chosen member of the Cyber Cosmos world community.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Mint Price

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The next step will be to completely focus on the launch of the Cyber Cosmos World NFT merchandise store. The holders will be able to flex their NFTs on hoodies, T-Shirts, and Caps in real life. The team of the Cyber Cosmos World believes in the idea of giving back to the community and has planned to distribute 50% of the profit on every merch sale, distributed among the members of the community.

The next step planned, that will add more value to the project will be to confirm the entry of Cyber Cosmos World into the metaverse and set up an art gallery. The members of the community will be allowed to participate in the events and festivals and get a chance to represent their NFTs. The holders of the Cyber Cosmos World NFT project will have another big advantage of claiming 50%(distributed among holders) from every sale that will take place in the metaverse art gallery.

The final and most exciting phase of roadmap 1.0 will be to focus on developing the 3-D avatars to enter into the metaverse. Every Cyber Cosmos World NFT holder will get 3-D avatars airdropped in their wallet before the launch of roadmap 2.0.

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Cyber Cosmos World Rarity

Out of the 10k Cyber Cosmos World NFT digital characters, each character is unique and created with a different combination out of 9 traits and 151 attributes. Out of 10k characters, those warrior characters that are created with the combination of most peculiar traits and attributes combined will be considered as a rare NFT.

Furthermore, a Mojo genesis collection of rare 50 art pieces created by a famous artist Aljon Maynard Pareja will be launched before the launch of 10k Cyber Cosmos World NFTs. Each of these 50 characters is inspired by either a real-life or fictional female warrior working in cyberspace with an inspirational story behind her success.

The holders of the Cyber Cosmos World genesis collection will have extra advantages like being a premium member of the community, eligible for airdrops of NFTs after Cyber Cosmos World NFT public sale goes live.

All these 50 art pieces are considered super rare NFT and add to the Cyber Cosmos World NFT rarity.

Cyber Cosmos World NFT Price Prediction

By analyzing the detailed roadmap, the future scope of expansion in the metaverse, the cause of the project, and the market sentiment, the project is looking strong and the community is growing as buyers are showing more interest every passing day. The team behind the project is very skilled and is working hard to add value to the project. We, therefore, predict that Cyber Cosmos World NFT floor price will sky-rocket the day public sale goes live.

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How To Buy Cyber Cosmos World NFT

Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy Cyber Cosmos World NFT.

Step 1: Sign up for the Gemini exchange or coin smart exchange and set up your account. Fill in all the KYC details. After the approval, your wallet will be activated and you will be eligible to trade cryptocurrencies. Your spot account will be credited with $20 on signing up to coin smart exchange.

Step 2: Add funds to your Gemini wallet with fiat currency and then buy Ethereum.

Step 3: Add Metamask extension to your google chrome browser and set up your Metamask account. Make sure you note down your secret phrase on the safest source possible. Don’t share this phrase with anyone.

Step 4: Transfer your Ethereum from your Gemini wallet to your Metamask wallet.

Step 5: Connect Metamask wallet to Opensea marketplace after setting up your OpenSea account.

Step 6:The NFTs is listed on Cyber Cosmos World NFT OpenSea. Connect your choose your favorite NFT, and import them to your wallet after successful bidding or buying.

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The Cyber Cosmos World NFT project has strong fundamentals along with a great vision of building out a global community of women across the globe and working together to create a safe and diverse world of equal opportunities in cyberspace. Roadmap 1.0 looks promising and there is so much to look into this project after the release of roadmap 2.0 which focuses on exploring numerous metaverse opportunities.