PancakeSwap, a leading multichain decentralized exchange (DEX), will launch its version 3 in the first week of April, developers told CoinDesk on Monday.

  • PancakeSwap, like other DEXs, relies on smart contracts to allow users to swap cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, earning revenue on each swap and distributing a cut of that revenue to liquidity providers in the form of rewards.
  • V3 will be available only on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is known for its fast and low-cost transactions. PancakeSwap also is deployed on the Aptos and Ethereum networks.
  • The upgrade adds features such as improved liquidity provisioning, competitive trading fees, trading incentives and yield-farming tools.
  • Such products are expected to attract more capital, increase protocol revenue, and ultimately bolster PancakeSwap’s value proposition among investors.
  • The DEX held over $2.4 billion in locked tokens as of Monday. It has processed $438 billion in trading volume since its April 2021 launch, making it among the most widely used decentralized-finance (DeFi) protocols. Its native cake (CAKE) tokens have a market capitalization of $670 million.
  • PancakeSwap burned $27 million on cake tokens in a planned event during European morning hours on Monday. Burns refers to the permanent deletion of tokens from the total supply, which may contribute to price increases if demand outstrips supply.
  • The 7 million burned tokens were generated from fees earned from PancakeSwap’s trading, lottery, non-fungible-token marketplace and prediction markets, the company said in a tweet.