The aim of the Dippies NFT project is to represent a blend of changes adopted by new-age hippies over time and their inceptive values.

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Dippies NFT represents change, freedom, and free will. Rather than deciding to not participate in the system, the Dippie NFT community believes in the idea of building decentralized businesses that make them independent of relying on the prevailing system. Dippies focus to build an online global community and work together to create a world of values they believe in.

Dippies NFT project consists of a digital collection of 8888 different characters of Dippies (digital hippies). built on Ethereum (erc721) blockchain.

The team backing Dippies NFT project consists of an experienced group of advisors and early adopters of BAYC and Doodles. along with the founders, Salma Shawaf and Taylor.

Dippies NFT Overview

Dippies NFT Items 8.9k items
Owners  5.8 k 
Dippies NFT floor price 0.219 Eth
Volume traded. 8.1 K ETH

What Is Dippies NFT? Project RoadMap Explained. 

Dippies NFT Mint Price

Dippies team’s first priority is to build up a peace-loving, caring, and kind community. They focus on creating a safe space for all the holders. The team has planned to recruit early adopters of Dippies NFT and work together to build a strong foundation of a global community by maintaining 100% transparency between the founders and holders.

Team Dippies firmly believes in giving back to the community and has left no stone unturned in terms of investor satisfaction. Investors who mint king/queen Dippie will be rewarded with 3 ETH directly into the wallet.

To ensure the long-term stability of the project, 25% of market royalty and 5% of Mint will be reserved for DippieStash. The holders will own access to vote and decide on where the funds should be spent. These funds can be used for donations, community-related causes, organizing events, etc.

Merch will be launched and holders will get to flex the drip in real life. Adding to this, holders will be benefited from discounts on all the items present in the store.

After the launch, there’s something more to look into, which makes this project very interesting and exciting. The Dippies Team will be introducing vans. These vans would work as a perfect companion for the Dippies holder. Every holder will be able to claim a free van. Further announcements regarding vans utility tokens will be made on the official Twitter handle.

Roadmap 2.0 will be released after the completion of roadmap 1.0. The main focus will be laid on exploring numerous metaverse opportunities.

Dippies NFT Rarity.

Dippies NFT has a promising roadmap and the team is focused on delivering to make this project a huge success. By taking all these factors into consideration, the future of Dippies NFT looks very optimistic, and long-term holders will be benefited to a great extent. On Raritysniper, Dippies NFT #8321 is placed at rank 1 with a Rarity score of 636247.16.

Dippies NFT Overview In Terms Of Current Sales, Floor Price, And Volume Traded.

How To Buy Dippes NFT

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The Dippes NFT went live on the 3rd of march, 2022 midnight. Investors were able to mint NFTs at the price of 0.06 Eth+ Gas. Just after a few hours of launch, the project was completely sold out. The trading volume increased exponentially and the floor skyrocketed as well. As of May 01, 2022, the Dippes NFT floor price is 0.219 Eth.

Information Regarding Pre-Sales, Public-Sale, And Mint Price.

The Dippies NFT pre-sale took place on March 2nd, 2022 and the Mint Price for Presale was 0.06 ETH+ Gas fees.

For the Public sale which took place on March 3rd, 2022 and the Mint price was.006 ETH+ Gas Fees

Dippies NFT Price Prediction

The public sale went live on the 3rd of march at 12:00 A.M EST. and the sales skyrocketed after Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki copped some NFTs. Since the launch, the price predictions are the upside. The project is already off to a good start and seems to grow more because of a strong united community, a solid roadmap, an experienced team, and the involvement of big artists.

How To Buy Dippes NFT?

The Dippies NFT is listed on Dippies NFT OpenSea and looks rare. Connect your meta mask/ trust wallet, choose your favorite NFT, and import them to your wallet after successful bidding or buying.


The Dippies NFT project is already off to a solid start and the involvement of big celebrities in a strong community makes it more promising. The project has strong fundamentals along with a great vision of building out a global community and working together to create a safe independent world. Roadmap 1.0 looks promising and there is so much to look into this project after the release of roadmap 2.0 which focuses on exploring numerous metaverse opportunities.