Attention beauty lovers! Are you ready to up your game and own a piece of the hottest cosmetic brand out there? Recently, YANY Beauty dropped their baddest NFT collection, and it’s the real deal. YANY is the first black-owned cosmetics brand to jump on the NFT train, and trust me, they’re killin’ it.

These NFTs not only give you bragging rights of owning a unique piece of the brand, but also hook you up with exclusive perks like a physical product delivery, virtual beauty events, and a member-only chat.

Don’t sleep on this, NFTs are the future, and YANY is leading the pack.

So, don’t be a basic beauty consumer, level up and own a YANY Crypto Beauty NFT today!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are being used by YANY Beauty in order to build a collection of digital assets that will be known as “YANY Crypto Beauties.” These “YANY Crypto Beauties” will symbolize ownership of one-of-a-kind things or pieces of content that are associated with the brand.


On the OpenSea marketplace, these NFTs are now for sale, and purchasers have the option of selecting one of a random selection of 1,000 “Bad Ass Beauties.” These beauties have been hand-designed with decorations, and they provide endless functionality.

Customers who buy NFTs are eligible for a variety of additional perks, including the shipment of a physical skin care product to their homes, participation in special online beauty events, and the chance to participate in a member-only discussion on Discord.

These perks are only available to customers who buy NFTs. The organization has high expectations that, after they have implemented NFTs, they will be able to connect with clients on a more personal level in the decentralized setting of Web3, which will allow them to reach a wider audience.

YANY Beauty Forever Moisturizing Lipstick

YANY Beauty’s goal in using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in its business strategy is to broaden its client base and foster a more personal connection with existing patrons so that they may better serve their needs.

The company places a high value on diversity and inclusiveness in its manufacturing process. The NFTs also provide extra incentives for their customers, such as tangible product delivery, access to special virtual events, and a chat room that is only available to members. This helps to create an experience for the consumer that is more engaging and individualized.

In addition, the creator of the firm, Yaminah Childress, views this as a chance to remain ahead in the beauty and tech industries by being an early user of NFTs. She also intends to go further into technology by creating a virtual boutique and an interactive app. This change is being made in order to demonstrate that the beauty business is innovative and forward-thinking and to keep up with the times.

By engaging customers who are not typically a focus for them, the firm hopes to achieve its goal of becoming a household brand both online and offline.

YANY aims to leverage this technology to give its clients something new and interesting while also preparing themselves for what’s to come in the beauty and technology industries by joining the cryptocurrency and non-fungible token markets.