MetaF1Club is a Metaverse for all car lovers/drivers,

which allows users to race in a very unique way. Meta F1 Club features all the self-driving cars and allows them to race in their own Metaverse. Experience the nobility of supercars combined with the very unique and powerful AI. Enjoy hundreds of unique features of each car and become a part of the Elite Super Cars group: Meta F1 Club.

Metaf1club is a collection of 10250 unique NFTs of supercars.

metaf1club will be the biggest racing club in metaverse that is going to introduce unique racers world in the metaverse, where they can participate with their unique metaf1 supercar.

500000$ USDT reward will be distributed into presale holders which are already deposited in a separate wallet by the team and 50 Nft will be given in reward during presale in discord.