The list of most popular NFT collections would be incomplete without adding TheLostTroll to the equation.

The Lost Trolls NFT

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TheLostTroll is an NFT collection based on Ethereum, which is a PFP or profile-picture project. The collection includes 10,000 unique profile pictures where NFT holders can obtain access to the PROOF community.

The Lost Troll NFT Mint

The most interesting highlight about the TheLostTroll project is that it is more than just an NFT collection. TheLostTroll developers plan on introducing the nesting mechanism which can help NFT owners earn through staking their TheLostTroll NFT which only the first 1000 buyers will have first access to. Also, any lucky owner of A LostTroll NFT will be put in a drawing that is held once a week where u can win rarities, and gain first access to all LostTroll future content.