Cryptocurrency marketing agency Connect Crypto Marketing is on track to more than double the size of its staff by 2024.

British-based Connect Crypto Marketing specializes in providing top-tier crypto marketing solutions. Using an all-encompassing marketing approach, Connect Crypto Marketing covers social media platforms, marketing and promotions, creative content, advertising, and marketing campaigns, acquiring exchange listings, top influencer marketing contacts, and of course, SEO and PPC.

The business is the conception of two UK entrepreneurs who, with a shared love of cryptocurrency, set out to start their own marketing agency in this specific niche after noticing a big gap in the market; they have grown to a team of five in the last two years alone. The plan now is for Connect Crypto to more than double in size over the next 24 months, forming a team of 20.

Connect Crypto Marketing

connect crypto marketing

The founders of Connect Crypto Marketing, Paddy Woods and Kyle Broadhead combined their marketing skills and passion for cryptocurrency in 2018 to create their start-up, Connect Crypto Marketing. With a career initiated in construction, Paddy progressed rapidly through the property industry to owning his very own property development business. However, his passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency led him to meet his now business partner Kyle, through a mutual friend. Kyle, who grew his roots in marketing and sales in the financial sector, sought new opportunities and suggested to Paddy that they start a new venture together; that’s when Connect was born. Paddy and Kyle know that marketing is key to the success of any business, not just a crypto company, so collaboratively embarked on creating a world-leading business.

Making Crypto Companies Work

It was way back in 1983 before Michael J. Fox went Back to the Future when Crypto Currency first appeared. Back then, due to a lack of internet communication and very limited mass communication, Cryptographer David Chaum and his e-cash were, and still are, almost unknown. Back then, almost forty years ago, there was no way he could have known how cryptocurrency would become what it is and the value it now holds. Owing to the technology behind it and its now everyday utilization, the team at Connect realized that crypto was here to stay; Connect believed cryptocurrency would revolutionize the world one day! Until mass adoption was achieved, cryptocurrency projects urgently required highly effective marketing strategies to reach the masses, that ultimately, were not being offered at the time.

A Crowded Space

The internet and social media have forever changed the way business is conducted. A digital planet that has given rise to almost 20,000 digital currencies traded between almost 10 million people on an ever-growing number of platforms has created a very noisy room. Just like any other company selling anything from apples and pears to computer software and phones the challenge of being seen and heard is the same. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency world has its own challenges, and this is where specialist marketing expertise defines the successes from the failures. This is when the knowledge, expertise, and experience of the team at Connect can support start-ups to become significant global players on the crypto scene.

Expert Crypto Marketing

Anyone with a cryptocurrency project wants it to succeed. Whether the project or business is an initial coin offering (ICO), initial exchange offering (IEO), security token offering (STO), or a blockchain product…success is the goal. Understanding the project, understanding the market, and knowing how to communicate the right message to the right people is the biggest challenge any crypto business will face. Just being different, new, or potentially more profitable is not enough. Digital investors and traders are savvy, and many are well educated, it is very difficult to engage investors in a heavily saturated field. This is where Connect Crypto Marketing gives a business the upper hand, helping hit the correct typographic of a person suited to the aims of each unique project. Getting the right message to the right people in the most creative or engaging way can be the biggest obstacle for any development team. Often the product and backend development is great but having no way or expertise in getting the world to see this is where many projects fail.

Marketing Done Right

Marketing is just a cog in the wheels of any project as a whole but, all too often it is overlooked. Having an experienced team guide your project through its early phases especially is key. The team of marketing and crypto specialists at CCM develops real strategies that lead to measurable results that drive success by creating compelling reasons to engage. With an agile team, Connect Crypto Marketing can adjust and adapt any campaign within a strategy to work perfectly with market demand and the fluctuations within the currency or currencies worked with. A strong understanding of cryptocurrency permits fine-tuning of any project, idea, or marketing plan, that could otherwise be missed or overlooked. With Social Media marketing being key for any industry in 2022 and CCM have built up a large following across its accounts on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & Linkedin. It is the detail that delivers success and understanding that with crypto the traditional marketing strategies used by FINTECH companies are often not available because of regulation and several other aspects. What CCM understands is, that grass root style marketing and community building in cryptocurrency cannot be overlooked and must be harnessed if a project is to succeed.

Success Stories

As with anything, the proof is in the pudding. Connect Crypto Marketing has clients whose results speak for themselves. Partnering with market-leading companies, brands, and technologies has created many stories to tell. Stake.Com with its world-class Crypto Currency Casino Platform has used its niche marketing expertise to create a brand that is becoming as well known as many high-street bookmakers in the UK. Bonfire is working on corporate storytelling to increase global understanding and the benefits of blockchain technology. The high APY auto compounding & staking protocol Stash that boasts returns of 409’494% on AVAX chain has just launched and they’re hoping to continue the success with this unique breakout project.

The future looks bright for CCM regardless of the current turmoil in the markets: this is proof that just being good or better is not enough to succeed in the world of crypto. What you really need is to understand your target audience.

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