Tired of watching your favorite Solana NFTs getting sold to someone else before you? Is it time-consuming for you to switch between different marketplaces and search newly listed Solna NFTs for sale? Searching for a reliable source to provide you with the rarity index of exclusive NFT drops?

SolRarity Rarikeys brings solutions to find the Rarity for Solana-based NFT Projects.  Keep reading the article to get information regarding SolRarity App drop dates, Roadmap, mint price, price prediction, and future scope.

SolRarity RariKeys NFT – A Quick Review

SolRarity RariKeys NFT Everything About SolRarity Rarity Checker

SolRarity Rarikeys is a utility-based project that comes with a limited collection of just 2600 Rarikeys. Rarikey NFT  holders will get access to some amazing tools that would help them snipe exclusively listed Solana NFTs on different marketplaces. Rarikey NFT holders also get access to information regarding the rarity index of NFT collections.

SolRarity Rarikeys NFT Utilities.

  1. Buy Solana NFTs from different marketplaces directly.
  2. Access to real-time listings of NFTs for sale.
  3. Rarity charts for 1800+Solana NFT collections.
  4. 8 different marketplaces tracked.
  5. Access to on-chain data.
  6. Passive income for Rarikey NFT holders.

SolRarity Rarikeys NFT Roadmap

SolRarity Rarikeys NFT roadmap is divided into different phases. The first phase of the roadmap focuses on becoming the top most rarity tools on the Solana ecosystem by providing reliable rarity index charts of the most exclusive NFT drops. SolRartiy NFT project has built its own rarity tiers to visually represent a rarity in a more attractive way.

The next phase focuses on setting up a website for users which provides all the important information and links to secure whitelist spots and mint Rarikey NFTs. Rarikey NFT collection will be launched publicly and the first tool, SolRarity Apps sniper will be accessible for all the holders after two days.

The second phase of the SolRarity Rarikeys NFT roadmap will be to build the project and take it to another level by hiring more skilled people and making a bigger team that will consistently work on making RarKey NFT holder’s tools more efficient, develop new tools, and improve the website. Another feature will be added where users can access rarity information directly on the website. The main aim will be to make SolRarity’s rarity tool more efficient.

In the third phase, the secret tool will be provided to all the Rarikey NFT holders and more information regarding revenue sharing among the Rarikey holders will be announced. Another amazing benefit of holding a Rarikey is that holders will earn passive income just by holding one or more Rarikeys. The more rarikeys one holds the more passive income one can earn.

Rarikeys NFT Mint Price And Mint Dates

Rarikeys NFT Rarity Minting Soon

Rarikey NFT launch Date 26 March 2022
Rarikey NFT Mint Price 2.5 Sol

2500 Rarikey NFTs will be listed for sale on the Solana ecosystem. 100 Rarikey NFTs will be kept reserved for the team backing up the SolRarity App. To secure a whitelist spot, fill out the form and participate in contests on SolRarirty discord and Twitter. The buyers who are lucky enough to secure a whitelist spot will be able to mint Rarikey NFTs at 2.0 Sol.

The SolRarity Rarikey NFT Mint date is scheduled to go live on 26th March 2022.

What Is Unique With Rarikeys NFT Rarity? 

Rarikeys are designed with amazing themes, details, colorways, and graphics. As of 25th March 2022, the creators of the SolRarity haven’t disclosed any information on the rarikey NFTs’ rarity. On the Solrarity website, we can see different colors of Rarikeys with different themes but it is still to be determined if this sets their rarity.

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SolRarity Rarikeys NFT Floor Price

The SolRarity Rarikeys NFT Floor Price is still to be discovered since the NFTs haven’t launched yet. But considering the massive use case of these NFTs along with a strong team and community, the floor price is primed to skyrocket after launch.

Sol Rarity Rarikeys NFT Price prediction

Due to the limited supply of just 2600 Rarikey NFT and numerous utilities in different domains SolRarity NFT tokens have already been in high demand. The project has attracted a lot of users across the world who are trying hard to secure whitelist spots. Based on the analysis of market sentiment and traffic on the SolRarity App social media handle, the Rarikeys will be sold out as soon as the public sale goes live. We can see a hike in SolRarity NFT floor price due to high demand.

How To Buy SolRarity Rarikeys NFT

Here’s how to buy and mint one or multiple Rarikeys

Step 1: Set up your trading account by signing up on Gemini or coin smart exchange. Your wallet will be activated after filling in all the KYC details. We recommend CoinSmart for beginner investors since on signing up on a coin smart exchange, your wallet will be credited with  $20 as a signup bonus.

Step 2: you can add the funds to your Gemini or Coin smart wallet through direct bank transfer, UPI, and P2P transactions.

Step 3: The next step is to swap your fiat currency or USDT with Ethereum on your Gemini or CoinSmart trading account.

Step 4: Transfer Ethereum from Gemini/Coin smart wallet to your Metamask wallet. A guide to set up your Metamask wallet is given here.

Step 5: Connect Metamask wallet to the Solanart Launchpad where you can mint the SolRarity NFT. Rarikeys are available for whitelisted members only for the presale. The public sale is available for all community members.

Where To Buy SolRarity Rarikeys NFT 

SolRarity Rarikeys NFT can be bought by filling out a form (https://forms.gle/a2eKrU66mrKsLCHf9). Provide all the details and your Phantom wallet address. The lucky winners will receive a link to mint directly through Email.

The other way to mint SolRarity NFT is to directly visit the solanart.io launchpad and buy the Rarikey NFT tokens.


SolRarity Rarikeys NFT project has great value in numerous domains and its limited supply and passive income opportunities make it even more valuable. The demand among the people is pretty high and all these factors eventually point towards good investment returns in near future.